Due to popular demand from racers Straightliners have launched a new simplified set of motorcycle classes for the seasoned classic sprinter and drag racer. Even if you are over 70 racing on a one day license Straightliners have the answer for you.

After much discussion and throwing together of ideas it was decided a date and capacity formula was the way to go. The capacity classes were carefully thought through for the proposed date cutoffs plus classes for the pure race bred machines based on capacity alone save for the '61 to '76 unlimited racing class and sidecar/ three-wheeler classes. 

The addition of these classes means that Straightliners now offers the full package for riders wanting to go straightline racing with classes from Bracket racing right through to the vintage and classic classes.

And here they are - the new Straightliners classic motorcycle classes for the seasoned and not so seasoned classic sprinter and drag racer:
1. Pre-War vintage up to 1939 up to 500cc
2. Pre-War vintage up to 1939 unlimited
3. Post-War vintage up to 1960 up to 500cc
4. Post-War vintage up to 1960 unlimited
5. Pre-1960 road legal up to 750cc
6. Pre-1960 road legal unlimited
7. Pre-1981 road legal up to 750cc
8. Pre-1981 road legal unlimited
9. Pre-1990 road legal up to 750cc
10. Pre-1990 road legal unlimited
11. 1961 to 1976 unlimited racing
12. Sidecars / three-wheelers up to 500cc
13. Sidecars / three-wheelers unlimited
14. Up to 125cc racing non road legal
15. Up to 250cc racing non road legal
16. Up to 500cc racing non road legal
17. Up to 750cc racing non road legal
18. Up to 1000cc racing non road legal
19. Unlimited racing non road legal

Write up by Paul Cumpstone