The next meeting at East Kirkby is the George Memorial Memorial. George was synonymous with the mighty Vincent but carrying on the tradition is one Dick Craven who's development skills with the marque rewarded him with 2 new records. 

In Classic non jap up to 500 cc Dick took his Comet to a series of runs under the previous record eventually resetting it at 12.63 sec at 100mph, the old record being Richard Von Mach,s 13.04sec .

Onto Classic non jap over 500cc Dick took his 998 Vincent Norton, this engine took Dick to a string of sidecar grasstrack titles in the past, and after struggling with his starts managed to lower his previous record by a huge 1.24secs, the new record being 10.88sec at 123mph. Dick,s 60 foots were also impressive being in the 1.60s.

Incidentally Dick has a wonderful collection of bikes, memorabilia and interesting "stuff" which will next be open to the public on bank holiday Monday August 29th at Stockton in the Forest on the outskirts of York. I can personally recommend a visit. 

Classic Japanese over 500CC
Mark Taylor was another rider in record breaking form on his 1980s Suzuki GSX 1100 lowering the record to 10.47sec at 136mph from the previous 11.06secs. 

Road legal over 1000CC
Both Michael Austin,Kawasaki ZZR1400, and Steve Everett, Suzuki Hyabusa, were under the record but it was Steve now holding the class record at 9.97secs at 137mph.

750CC road legal
Alan Tinnion, Yamaha R6, was tantalizingly close to a new record, his best a 9.98sec was within 1/100th of the record. 

There was a good mix of bikes and riders in the rest of the classes with some interesting bikes. John Brent was riding the nice little Howard Smith special in 125cc Racing. Kevin Melling had his H1 Kawasaki 500cc triple 2 stroke sprinter running in 500cc Racing. Ron Phillips and Stuart Kirkpatrick were on a couple of rare Czech 2 strokes a CZ 250 single and a Jawa 350 twin. A machine that particularly caught my eye was Dave Benge,s 1930s "Bitsa" the Norton frame housing a pukka racing JAP 500CC engine 15-1 cr and running methanol through a needleless racing Amal carb with a huge 1030 main jet via a Vellocette clutch to a Norton gearbox. Dave running in 500cc Vintage class put in a string of runs in the 15s at 80+mph, not bad for a combined age of rider and machine of 152 years! 

No doubt the George Brown Memorial meeting at East Kirkby on 10/11th September will bring together even more of the old sprint bikes that thankfully people still cherish from the halcyon days of sprinting, drag and record breaking. Much midnight oil was burned and ideas handcrafted before the advent of CAD/CAM and CNC machines. 

Incidentally if you are bringing along one of these older bikes a few notes on a piece of paper for the commentator would be greatly appreciated. 

Write up by Paul Cumpstone and photo thanks to Susan McNeil.