The Straightliners/NSA meeting at Lancaster Raceway, East Kirkby served up the usual close racing and nail biting finals. 

Junior class 
For the second time in the two days the junior record was broken going to Joe Mallabone with a 15.96. The junior final was a cracker with a fast starting Levi Baber pushing Joe all the way Joe just managing to win by 3 100ths 16.97 to 17.00, brilliant! 

Levi Baber performed well in the Junior class
Top bike
Phil Wood beat Joe,s dad Craig to take the Top Bike win by a tenth. 

9.10 Class
Just 2/100ths separated the top 2 in this class who also ended up in the final. Will Smith was 3/100ths up at the 60 foot and though Jimmy Fearn ran the quicker time Will was first to cross the line to take the win. 

10.10 Class
The tightest class with new boy Dee King and Ashley Smith split by 1/100th that was until Michael Austin had to quickly qualify on his ZZR1400 after clutch problems on his ZX12R. Michael put down a perfect 10.10 to top the class Dee got the red mist at his first elimination and broke out big style allowing Ashley through to the final having broken out by a lesser amount. At the green light Michaels front wheel headed skyward and Ashley stormed through to win the class. 

11.10 Class
1/100TH split Gilbert Cooke from Dave Grundy though Dave went into the final against Stuart Donald as Gilbert broke out by 2/100ths in his semi. Dave going on to beat Stuart to take the class win. 

12.10 Class
Stuart Grant was top qualifier with Kyle Trowell 2nd. In the final it was for Stuart to loose as he was always slow to the 60 foot but had more top end than Kyle. Kyle read the light to perfection and was 6/10ths up at the 60 foot and managed to head off Stuart at the quarter Kyle just crossing the line as Stuart sped past. Kyle a jubilant winner. 

Wheelie class
Dazz Rose got the better of Daniel Mcavoy at the off and then Daniel struggled to catch Dazz and loft the front wheel up at the quarter mark so Dazz took the win. 

Top scooter
Richard Baker took the win. 

13.10 Class
Eric Cope on his rapid Lambretta won this class. 

14.10 Class
Russell Shea was against Neil Pettit and there was nothing in it at the 60 foot but Russell edged ahead by the 1/8th taking the win. 

Big thanks to crew and medics. Next meeting 2nd and 3rd July at York Raceway. Book it here

Write up and photos by Paul Cumpstone