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A superb day of hight speed action entertains big crowd at TOTB 2016 

The Nitrous Oxide Supplies Ten of the Best (TOTB) run by the Straightliners crew, served up a top speed record and personal bests in a day of action at this once a year event. 

Top speed

  • Francis Garcia set a new TOTB record for top speed in the kilometre with a stunning 215.9mph in 4WD class with his R35 Nissan. 
  • FWD fastest was Stephen Backland ,171mph in his Astra van .
  • RWD and everybody's favourite, Stevie Ross, on his annual pilgrimage from Ireland, posted a new personal best 192.7mph in the Granada. 

Handling circuit shootout winners. 

  • FWD - Michael Andrew, Civic, won with a 42.6secs just edging Paul Waddington by 0.11secs .
  • RWD - Paul Norris, another TOTB regular, managed to keep the mechanical gremlins at bay for once to take the win with a 41.98secs to beat Dean Pinder by 2.27secs .
  • 4WD - Andrew Hughes, Impreza, beat previous winner Keith Bryan by 0.12secs , 40.13 to 40.25. Andrew also put up the fastest time of the day in qualifying with a 39.58secs .

Drag street shootout winners
FWD - First semi final saw N°1 qualifier and previous TOTB winner , Errol Huell, fall asleep at the green, Yasir Nazir blasting away to a place in the final. Second semi and Colin Rotheray cut a stunning 1.86sec 60 foot putting down his fastest time of the day, an 11.91 to beat Stephen Backland. The final and Yasir was well revved up but dumped the clutch a tad too soon pulling a red light handing the win to Colin who still impressed with another 1.86sec 60 foot and an 11.98sec run. 

RWD - First timer at TOTB and number one qualifier, a full second quicker than anybody else, Jake Fitzpatrick got the jump on Stevie Ross at the green in the first semi laying down a 9.88 his fastest time of the weekend. Second semi and George Lawton, a previous winner, and Paul Norris were perfectly matched at the green but George was ahead by the 1/8th making it an all MR2 final. 
In the final George was a little steady at the green and Jake with nothing to lose stuck in another 9sec run to take the win. 

4WD - Top three qualifiers were all under 9secs with David Greenhaulgh in N°1 spot on 8.70secs. First semi had David reading the lights to perfection against Francis Garcia to move into the final. 
Jeff Ludgate then lined up against Jurgen Vallons but just at the wrong moment Jurgen,s car decided to malfunction as he left the line leaving him stranded just beyond the start line as Jeff blasted off for a place in the final.  David lined up against Jeff for what should have been a blistering end to the weekend as 3000hp was unleashed.  Sadly Jeff"s car momentarily bogged at the start leaving David to blast down the quarter putting in the fastest run of the weekend on the final run, a stunning 8.66secs at 160mph. Jeff"s consolation was the trophy for the fastest 60 foot of the day with a 1.41secs.

Thanks to Alex Robinson at Nitrous Oxide Supplies  who incidentally managed to run a perfect 10.00secs. The Straightliners crew and helpers and the medical crews for a superb action packed weekend and all the drivers, who from the feedback we get rate this as the must do event of the year. 

Write up by Paul Cumpstone.


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