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  • Top Speed Mondays & Tuesdays This event is for Anyone who wishes to have a go at Top Speed either on a bike or in a car. The runway is 2 miles long and the Top Speed is run over a mile from a standing start. You must however comply with the noise lim
    it of 103db Maximum. For bikers, 1 piece leathers and back protector required, with leather boots and gloves and a gold acu stickered helemt. For car drivers, a helmet is required. Pendine Sands This is a Top Speed Records event run at Pendine Sands, Carmarthenshire, South Wales The distances competed on will vary depending on the course dictated to by the tides and the sand. The current record by Terry Smith stands at 194.589MPH on a Suzuki Hayabusa 1396cc over a distance of 1.5 miles from a standing start. Straightliners runs the Bonneville Classes at this event and in 2018 will be 12-13th May and 22-23rd September 2018. Wheelies This is the World Wheelie Records Weekend where riders from all over the world compete to see who can do the fastest wheelie over a kilometre. There is a run up to the kilometre start line and the wheel mustn't touch the ground within the kilometre distance. The current record stands at 217.85MPH on a Suzuki Hayabusa Turbo by Ted Brady. The event takes place over the weekend of 18/19th August 2018. Records This is a Top Speed Records event run at Elvington Airfield, next to the Museum near York. The distances competed on will vary depending on the weather conditions on the day, but will be of 1 mile from a standing start as the maximum. Anyone with a full ACU licence wishing to establish or break an ACU record will be able to go both directions providing they have their bike sealed first. Straightliners runs both the ACU and the Bonneville Classes at this event and in 2018 will be 19-20th May and 15-16th September 2018.
  • Drifting tickets always go live 1 month before the event at 7pm. Ie. 24th February for drifting 24th March. Drag tickets and extra drifters and passengers available online now.  Admission for everyone over 16 £10 on the gate. Gates open from
    8am. Signing on from 8.30am. There are 3 queues when possible. Drifting, drag (pre-entered or raced before), drag RWYB. Classes for drag only available for pre-entered or raced before with Straightliners.  RWYB £10 for 1 run, £20 for 3 runs, £40 for unlimited runs. Classes £40 for unlimited runs. Passengers £20 unlimited runs.
  • All Spectator ticxkets on the gate. £10 per person per day, camping £5 per person per night. 16 and under free. Dogs must be kept on a lead. Toilets on site and a cold water tap is available. Racing from 10.30/11am till 5pm each day, weather c
    onditions permitting. Riding on the back wheel for a kilometre at over 200mph is the goal of motorcycles bidding to be the wheelie world champion. This can be seen over and over again at the Straightliners Motorcycle World Wheelie Championship which takes place in England in mid-August. Up to 30 top competitors from the USA, UK, France, Holland and Ireland will be competing for the world title.   
  • If you require a one event ACU licence or IOPD licence you can get these on the day when you sign on.
  • The only event where serious hobbyists and non-professional bikers can race legally during the famous TT and Manx Grand Prix is Straightliners 'Ramsey Sprint'.  With classes for all types bikes, from 50cc right up to "fire breathing" drag bikes, peop
    le can just turn up and enter on the day. The Ramsey Sprint is a drag sprint event over 1/8th mile strip which attracts thousands of spectators and many professional racers who are usually on an off day.  Hundreds turn up for the action which starts at 10.00am and while competitors pay a fee admission is free for spectators. 
  • If you require a one event ACU licence or IOPD licence you can get these on the day when you sign on.
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