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Perfect conditions with a helping tail wind dish up a great day racing at York Raceway

There was the usual close qualification times in the Straightliners championship round 7.

Class 14.10
Russell Shea and Neil Pettitt fought it out in the final on the Lambrettas and the tail wind had a hand in the result. Both riders side by side the full length of the strip with Neil just first across the stripe. Unfortunately both riders broke out so the verdict went to the rider who broke out the least amount so Russell got the verdict with a1/100th breakout to Neils 3/100ths nail bitingly close at 14.09 to 14.07 .

13.10 Class
For once Gavin Watson out qualified Eric Cope. Come the final and Eric turned the tables with a storming start and 1.99 60 foot to take the win with a 13.44.

Wheelie class
R1 Lee came along to get some experience on his newly built turbo GSXR 1000 which had just come from a dyno session. A weekend of experimentation saw Lee with a best of 11.02 at 142mph.

12.10 Class
Stuart Grant took the win on his FZR 600 Yamaha at 12.85 but Leslie Cox made good progress with the Harley ending the day with a new personal best of 15.52.

11.10 Class
John Jefferson stamped his authority on the class, the new set of leathers may have helped. After running 11.13 to top qualify he beat Dave Grundy in the final posting an11.12 to Daves 11.27.

10.10 Class
Mark Graham top qualified with a perfect 10.10 Michael Austin just 2/100ths behind though Michaels bike problems would spoil his day. The interesting story, no pun, was the return of the Storrie brothers David and Andrew sharing David's Hyabusa. Yes the inevitable happened both making it to the final. With Richard Ward kindly loaning Andrew his GSXR 1000 the final was on. David took the win with a 10.42 Andrew putting in a sterling effort on an unfamiliar.

9.10 Class
Maxine Taylor held top spot on a 9.18 from early in the day with Stuart Eccles 1970s Z1000 Kawasaki the cat among the BMW pigeons. So come the final Stuart lined up against Maxine. A perfect run from Stuart on the old school nitrous bike saw him take the win. For once dad wasn't along to see the delight on Stuarts face as he collected his trophy, his daughter photographing the moment.

Top bike
Phil Wood won with a 8.70 at 172mph also taking FTD with an 8.69.

Levi Baber broke the class record on Saturday with a new personal best 16.29. That lasted until Sunday when Joe Mallabone upped it to 15.96. Come the final and it was Levi who got the jump at the green which was to prove crucial. Levi first past the post with a 16.37 to Joe's losing 16.29. A great final from the 11 and 12 year olds.

Thanks to the Straightliners crew and York Raceway

Write up and photos by Paul Cumpstone.

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Crosswinds curtail speeds at Straightliners 'Top Speed' event at Elvington, North Yorks

A side wind held speeds down on the first day of Straightliners Yorkshire Mile and British National records at Elvington, North Yorks. Having said still three riders achieved personal bests and 8 riders were over the magic 200mph.

Fastest speed of the day was Les Marsh with a credible 241.8mph, the quickest in M-BG -1350

P~BG ~1000
Bob Clegg rode his Kawasaki H2 to 203.1.

P~BG ~1350
After a first run and a bad miss fire problem Steve Bland eventually did 224.7.

Geoff Bland's nitrous GSXR 1000, posted a 180.8

Terry Smith was just shy of 200mph at 197.2

P~P~ 650

Lee Woodcock rode his 600 Suzuki to 126.5

P~ P~1350
Ken Gilroy built up to a 174.1 late in the day

Zef Eisenberg just pipped Steve Cambers by 1.7mph, both on ZZR1400 Kawasaki S Zefs best 183.77

Triumph Bonneville riding Hugh Brown's best run was 93.9

After years of preparation for top speed events Neil Conway on his 70s Piper Kawasaki achieved a best of 146.3

The Skyteam Ace of Mick Pitfield ran 66.6

Chris Hawkshaw eventually cracked the 120 barrier with a 122.8 on his turbocharged 650 Bonneville twin

Hoping to eventually take the supercharged Honda 125 to Bonneville Stuart Horn and the team have worked hard through the winter. A new personal best was achieved at 85.2mph, 69 the previous best.

The old style supercharged Triumph twin of Martin Wilmott ran113.3 best.

Trevor Duckworth just cracked the 100mph with 100.3 on his Yamaha engined 3 wheeler but it only just made it the engine detonating and stopping just after the finish line.

James Winter on his Taylor Tuned Lambretta full body was quickest on 105.3 ,Eric Cope not quite living up to his recent form.

Thrust driven Streamliner 
Richard Brown brought Jet Reaction for some more development runs his best a 167.5

Turbine wheel powered
Now with a fairing on the Madmax bike Zef Eisenberg best was 218.6.

Gaz lakester
James Pratt with his Hot Rod was shy of his best posting 92.6.

Wheelie class
R1 Yamaha mounted Tom Swales managed 142.8 despite the cross wind.

Other riders achieving personal bests were Dazz Rose 203.4 and Marvin Campbell 207.7.

More action tomorrow at Elvington so let's hope for a more favourable wind.

Written by Paul Cumpstone

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Favourable conditions at York Raceway see records tumble

First day of Straightliners Events racing at York Raceway, North Yorkshire saw three records broken.

Lambretta Record
Awesome Eric Cope, riding Daryl Taylor's 'Taylor Tuned' full bodied Lambretta  twice broke the scooter record initially with a 12.94secs at 100mph then lowering it further with a stunning 12.81secs at 102mph, that from a street legal scooter.

Junior Record
Next to fall was the junior record. First event out on his Aprilla RS125 Joe Mallabone, son of Craig,quickly got the hang of the two stroke eventually breaking the record with a 16.35secs, the previous record was 16.42.

NSA Class 14A 125cc road legal 

Last record of the day to fall and Alan Tannion turned in a 15.43sec at 83mph to break the record by a tenth of a second on his Cagiva

Other Classes

  • Topping the rest of the classes at the end of day one.
  • Top bike Phil Wood
  • 9.10 Steve Howe
  • 10.1 Michael Austin
  • 11.1 John Hawkins
  • 12.1 Kyle Trowell
  • 13.1 and 14.1 Gavin Watson
  • Top scooter Eric Cope


  • 400 Racing, 750 Racing 750 Road Legal and 125 Road Legal Alan Tinnion
  • 1000 Road Legal Andy Grantham and over 1000 Michael Austin.

Written by Paul Cumpstone.

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