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Disabled riders take two class wins at Lancaster Raceway. 

Two of our disabled riders took class honours at Lancaster Raceway, East Kirkby, on Sunday the 17th of April. Michael Austin, last year's 10.10 class winner, took another trophy home after posting the fastest time in his class. Michael had struggled with machine problems eventually ran a 10.16 sec.

Chris Graily, making his debut with Straightliners this year and showing remarkable consistency, went home with trophy for the 11.10 class with a 11.13. Both Michael and Chris have prosthetic left legs. Michael uses a push button gearshift on his Kawasaki while Chris has his gear lever transferred to the right foot. 

Top speed disabled riders. 
Over the years several riders with disabilities have taken to Elvingtons runway 26 for top speed runs. Riders who have done well include the fastest one armed rider. Shane Wogan ,who has a prosthetic right arm, holding that record at 230+ mph. Shane has all the controls on the left handlebar, throttle, clutch and front brake. 

Breaking the magic 200mph barrier.  
Another rider to achieve great things last year was Andy "Swingarm" Slade . It was his ambition to crack the 200mph barrier. Andy, who has a missing left arm at the shoulder , rides with just his right arm.
After a year riding a Ducati to get up to speed eventually cracked the magic 200 riding his Suzuki Hyabusa Turbo. 

National Association of Bikers & Straightliners
The National Association of Bikers (NABD) with Disabilities, actively encourage riders to get back on their bikes with grants available to modify their machines. Over the years many NABD riders have taken part in Straightliners Events. Straightliners actively encourage and help disabled riders to achieve their ambitions, even blind riders and drivers to break records. 

Anybody who wishes to have a go at motorcycle sport don't be afraid to contact Straightliners. We can be contacted via Straightliners Facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/StraightlinersNewsChannel/ or Trevor Duckworth https://straightlinersonline.co.uk/contact-us/managing-director.html on phone 07971 172210

Written by Paul Cumpstone

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