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NSA record breaking weekend at Lancaster Raceway

The next meeting at East Kirkby is the George Memorial Memorial. George was synonymous with the mighty Vincent but carrying on the tradition is one Dick Craven who's development skills with the marque rewarded him with 2 new records. 

In Classic non jap up to 500 cc Dick took his Comet to a series of runs under the previous record eventually resetting it at 12.63 sec at 100mph, the old record being Richard Von Mach,s 13.04sec .

Onto Classic non jap over 500cc Dick took his 998 Vincent Norton, this engine took Dick to a string of sidecar grasstrack titles in the past, and after struggling with his starts managed to lower his previous record by a huge 1.24secs, the new record being 10.88sec at 123mph. Dick,s 60 foots were also impressive being in the 1.60s.

Incidentally Dick has a wonderful collection of bikes, memorabilia and interesting "stuff" which will next be open to the public on bank holiday Monday August 29th at Stockton in the Forest on the outskirts of York. I can personally recommend a visit. 

Classic Japanese over 500CC
Mark Taylor was another rider in record breaking form on his 1980s Suzuki GSX 1100 lowering the record to 10.47sec at 136mph from the previous 11.06secs. 

Road legal over 1000CC
Both Michael Austin,Kawasaki ZZR1400, and Steve Everett, Suzuki Hyabusa, were under the record but it was Steve now holding the class record at 9.97secs at 137mph.

750CC road legal
Alan Tinnion, Yamaha R6, was tantalizingly close to a new record, his best a 9.98sec was within 1/100th of the record. 

There was a good mix of bikes and riders in the rest of the classes with some interesting bikes. John Brent was riding the nice little Howard Smith special in 125cc Racing. Kevin Melling had his H1 Kawasaki 500cc triple 2 stroke sprinter running in 500cc Racing. Ron Phillips and Stuart Kirkpatrick were on a couple of rare Czech 2 strokes a CZ 250 single and a Jawa 350 twin. A machine that particularly caught my eye was Dave Benge,s 1930s "Bitsa" the Norton frame housing a pukka racing JAP 500CC engine 15-1 cr and running methanol through a needleless racing Amal carb with a huge 1030 main jet via a Vellocette clutch to a Norton gearbox. Dave running in 500cc Vintage class put in a string of runs in the 15s at 80+mph, not bad for a combined age of rider and machine of 152 years! 

No doubt the George Brown Memorial meeting at East Kirkby on 10/11th September will bring together even more of the old sprint bikes that thankfully people still cherish from the halcyon days of sprinting, drag and record breaking. Much midnight oil was burned and ideas handcrafted before the advent of CAD/CAM and CNC machines. 

Incidentally if you are bringing along one of these older bikes a few notes on a piece of paper for the commentator would be greatly appreciated. 

Write up by Paul Cumpstone and photo thanks to Susan McNeil.

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Lancaster Raceway dishes up a day of close racingĀ 

Straightliners Championship Round 8 at East Kirkby was tightly fought as always even with the track moved to alleviate noise issues. Jimmy Fearn snr laying down a 1.50sec 60 foot on Saturday to alay any fears of the virgin startline also posting the fastest time of the weekend with a 9.20sec at 153mph to take FTD trophy home to Scotland. 

9.10 Class
Jimmy Fearn snr beat David Storrie in the first semi. Second semi was the BMW 1000 RRs of Wayne Bradley and Steve Howe. Split by 1/100th in qualifying Steve knew he had to be quick on the green to beat a seemingly off form Wayne. Unfortunately Steve,s green didn't materialise as he left with a red showing letting Wayne through to the final. Jimmy got the jump in the final and Wayne gave up in disgust with himself leaving Jimmy to dissappear into the distance. 

10.10 Class
Jimmy Fearn jnr, like dad, qualified in top spot on a BMW 1000 RR he shared with first timer Craig Whyte. The unfamiliar electronic gizmos were to become Jimmy,s down fall in the semi as him and his dad struggled to press the right buttons to turn off the traction control leaving Andrew Storrie, also sharing a bike, made it through to the final, Jimmy turning off early in disgust. Michael Austin, still suffering problems with the ZX12R, took the ZZR1400 to the final beating Richard Ward. The final was the battle of the big tourers Andrew taking the win as Michael,s tyre went up In smoke away from the line. 

11.10 Class
David Grundy again top qualified on his big Adventure Triumph and in first semi John Jefferson looked across at the 1/8th to see David just edge ahead to make the final. Phil Gilson was lucky to qualify having not had a run on his bike due to clutch problems. Darren Trowell sportingly gave Phil the use of his own Bandit, Phil posting a time good enough to make the top 4 with just 1 pass, a great effort from the talented Phil on an unfamiliar bike. He went on to the final beating Richard Ward who missed a gear. So David and Phil lined up in the final. Phil got the jump on Dave at the green but it appeared he may have thrown the advantage away as the rear tyre hazed but Phil hung on to get across the stripe first with an 11.48 to Dave,s 11.46 so that start was the crucial ingredient. 

12.10 Class
Stuart Grant again took the win on his 80s FZR 600

13.10 Class
Gavin Watson qualified in No1 spot on his Lambretta sprinter but young Suzuki apprentice of the year and first timer to drag racing, James Scott, riding Mitchell Betts Gilera 172 shone all day with a best time ever for Mitchells machine. James was chuffed to bits to make the final and didn't disgrace Gavin taking the win with a 14sec dead and James on 14.03 so close! 

Neil Pettitt took a bye to the final lining up with Russell Shea who had beaten Gavin Watson. Unfortunately Neil,s machine just bogged down at the start Russell grabbing the chance to take the victory. 

Top scooter
Eric Cope, on his 100+mph street legal Lambretta took on Richard Baker's methanol burning sprinter Eric going on to take the win with a 13.57sec at 93mph. 

Levi Baber once again top qualified on his Genspeed bike with Lewis Trow on his Stomp pit bike lining up against him after an unfortunate start line tumble from Joe. With a big discrepancy in times the clock was set with a delay for Levi reflecting the difference in their best qualifying times. In theory the two lads should cross the line at the same time. And so it turned out with a photo finish Lewis just crossing the line ahead of Levi by a whisker. 

Top bike
Phil Wood, after a night shift and long drive from North Wales on Sunday morning, put on a tyre smoking display for the full quarter to take the win. 

There was also a good turnout of NSA runners and I will post a separate report for that. As usual a great weekend thanks to all the Straightliners crew and helpers and the medical crews. 

Write up by Paul Cumpstone photo tanks to Dunk Rose
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NSA Sprint speed facts

Lancaster raceway at East Kirkby saw long standing record broken and another established on 18th/19th June. 

Michael Austin broke the Road Legal over 1000cc record on his ZZR1400 which had stood for many years to our computer wizz Martyn Greathead. 

The oldest machine at the meeting, the Levis 250 of Shaun Walker, established a record and then proceeded to break it a couple more times improving from 23mph to 47mph as he got used to unfamiliar controls. 

Shaun Walker on his vintage Levis 250

Dick Craven ran some good numbers on his pair of Vincents. Some good 60 foot times put down by Dick but usually with the front wheel pawing the air and him heading towards the centre line or in one case just managing to circumnavigate the 60 foot beam transmitter! 

Adrian Sanders was just shy of a 100mph pass with his rapid and immaculate Yamaha RD 200 managing 99mph. 

Paul Priestley seems to have found reliability at last with his Lambretta not missing a beat all day to take Scooter best time. 

Colin Fallows had an interesting ex Derek Parnell Vellocette 250 though without the help of his son with set up Colin struggled with a persistent misfire. 

Alan "ALAN" Tinnion rode 3 machines squeezing impossibly quick times out of all of them with cracking and consistent 60foots though not managing to break any records though getting pretty close. The most impressive was ringing a 9.98sec run out of a 600 Yamaha. To put that into perspective Phil Wood ran a 9.08 on his turbo Busa in Superstreet class. 

Martin Baverstock had an expensive sounding engine problem with his supercharged Kawasaki judging by the smokey end to his run and the state of the spark plug. 

Trevor Duckworth managed a 100mph run on his Yamaha 3 wheeler. The fettling technicians at the TT, Paul and Phil, had finally got the air shift/ignition kill working properly after much head scratching rewiring and dismantling of parts and a bit of desperate lateral thinking. 

Jim Cross, on the final run of the day, ran the fastest 60 foot of the weekend on his nitrous 500 Suzuki. A 1.50 leading into a 9.79 at 136mph at the quarter. Probably class that as a perfect run! 

Write up and photos by Paul Cumpstone.

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Lancaster Raceway serves up some close racing

The Straightliners/NSA meeting at Lancaster Raceway, East Kirkby served up the usual close racing and nail biting finals. 

Junior class 
For the second time in the two days the junior record was broken going to Joe Mallabone with a 15.96. The junior final was a cracker with a fast starting Levi Baber pushing Joe all the way Joe just managing to win by 3 100ths 16.97 to 17.00, brilliant! 

Levi Baber performed well in the Junior class
Top bike
Phil Wood beat Joe,s dad Craig to take the Top Bike win by a tenth. 

9.10 Class
Just 2/100ths separated the top 2 in this class who also ended up in the final. Will Smith was 3/100ths up at the 60 foot and though Jimmy Fearn ran the quicker time Will was first to cross the line to take the win. 

10.10 Class
The tightest class with new boy Dee King and Ashley Smith split by 1/100th that was until Michael Austin had to quickly qualify on his ZZR1400 after clutch problems on his ZX12R. Michael put down a perfect 10.10 to top the class Dee got the red mist at his first elimination and broke out big style allowing Ashley through to the final having broken out by a lesser amount. At the green light Michaels front wheel headed skyward and Ashley stormed through to win the class. 

11.10 Class
1/100TH split Gilbert Cooke from Dave Grundy though Dave went into the final against Stuart Donald as Gilbert broke out by 2/100ths in his semi. Dave going on to beat Stuart to take the class win. 

12.10 Class
Stuart Grant was top qualifier with Kyle Trowell 2nd. In the final it was for Stuart to loose as he was always slow to the 60 foot but had more top end than Kyle. Kyle read the light to perfection and was 6/10ths up at the 60 foot and managed to head off Stuart at the quarter Kyle just crossing the line as Stuart sped past. Kyle a jubilant winner. 

Wheelie class
Dazz Rose got the better of Daniel Mcavoy at the off and then Daniel struggled to catch Dazz and loft the front wheel up at the quarter mark so Dazz took the win. 

Top scooter
Richard Baker took the win. 

13.10 Class
Eric Cope on his rapid Lambretta won this class. 

14.10 Class
Russell Shea was against Neil Pettit and there was nothing in it at the 60 foot but Russell edged ahead by the 1/8th taking the win. 

Big thanks to crew and medics. Next meeting 2nd and 3rd July at York Raceway. Book it here https://www.straightlinersonline.co.uk/events/event/15-york-dragway-round-7-2-days.html

Write up and photos by Paul Cumpstone


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