Rain did not stop entirely, Tuesdays (12 April 2016) Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship preparation event. The intention of the day was to have an official practice with all participants timed which would be consider as qualifying criteria for the event. Unfortunately the weather did not co-operate at Elvington Airfield. North Yorkshire, England but a few hardy souls got out in spite of the conditions and did their thing for the media.

(Photo courtsey of David Dunning, Minster FM)

This was taking place for the announcement of Straightliners automotive programme for 2016 which has over 40 events across the UK. The top five of over 40 events Straightliners are organised in 2016.  These are:

1. The historic natural speedway of Pendine Sands, Wales speed event (21st & 22nd May) which brings out two and four wheel rocket vehicles amongst others attempting world, European and UK speed records. 

2. Ramsey Sprint, Isle of Man (June 5th & 7th) - the only place a non-professional biker can race legally during the famous TT and Manx Grand Prix with classes for all bikes just turn up and enter on the day.

3. Ten of the Best (TOTB) (30th-31st July), is a performance road car event aimed at finding the best all round car and drivers in Europe. Handling (sharp cornering, acceleration and braking), top speed and a 1/4m drag strip are used to determine the best of the best, Ten Of The Best!. Takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

4. The Motorbike World Wheelie and Top Speed Championships (August 20th and 21st.) where the rider that travels the fastest, usually over 200MPH, in the wheelie position for a kilometre is the winner. Also riders aiming for 250 MPH+. Takes place at Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.

5. Weird and wonderful self designed / built vehicles attempt to establish world, European and UK speed records at the main Top Speed Weekend. Rumour has it that a jet power hearse, a motorised portaloo and snowmobile retrofitted for hard surfaces will perform! Takes place Sept. 17th & 18th. Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire.