The only event where serious hobbyists and non-professional bikers can race legally during the famous TT and Manx Grand Prix is Straightliners 'Ramsey Sprint'.  With classes for all types bikes, from 50cc right up to "fire breathing" drag bikes, people can just turn up and enter on the day. The Ramsey Sprint is a drag sprint event over 1/8th mile strip which attracts thousands of spectators and many professional racers who are usually on an off day.  The action starts at 10.00am and while competitors pay a fee, admission is free for spectators.  

The Straightliners 'Ramsey Sprint' strip as it stretches out before you

Straightliners organise over 40 vehicle speed evens across the UK. It is unique in that it makes its events open to all comers. The events are regulated by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU). For Ramsey Sprint all competitors must have an ACU approved helmet and full riding leathers.  

When: 5th and 7th June from 10am to 5pm

Where: Ramsey Promenade (beside Mooragh Park), Ramsey, Isle of man

What: Straightliners 'Ramsey Sprint'.  

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