High temperatures and a strong side wind gusting to 11mph curtail any high speeds at Straightliners Top Speed Tuesday at Elvington. Fastest speed of the day went to Jack Frost on his first run at 248mph Steve Bland not far behind on 241 but the 32 degree heat was causing missfire problems later in the day. Becci, getting to know the new bike, ran a 217 mph but suffered with a brake problem early on which probably dented her confidence. 

Of the Wheelie class runners Gary Rothwell managed a 210.24 but not a full kilometre wheelie. Egbert was on a quick trip across the channel on his normally aspirated Suzuki road bike managing a 190.352 and one of few to keep it up for the full kilometre.  Somebody to look out for, and coming along with Egbert, was Kimberly Schyven showing good form that could see her the fastest lady wheelie rider come the 20/21st August. 

Fabio Montani and his crew had a fruitful few runs with the "GUS GUS" Sstreamliner The car running a best 185.5 supplying the team with valuable data and impressing Fabio with the power gain from the new Nitrous system. 

The Fountain boys, Alan and Tom,were testing their 600 Suzuki powered F2 sidecar outfit which had appeared down on speed at the recent TT, in spite of some excellent results in June. 
They had a set of options to try and gathered useful information with the accurate speed readings available at the Top Speed event. 

Finally Stephen Sherwood brought along his Toyota Supra for some pre Ten of The Best (TOTB) performance car event testing. A component glitch curtailed his running, at least he has a week to rectify it before the event. 

Thanks to all who helped out in the stifling heat. Write up by Paul Cumpstone photo Phil Evans.