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About Straightliners

Straightliners Events is the brainchild of ex motorcycle racer and renowned motorsports organisor Trevor Duckworth.
Established over 20 years ago with the ethos of making motorsports events more accessible to motorcycle enthusiasts by removing the red tape yet retaining the safety and all other aspects of a motorsports event that enforced rider and spectator safety. Well, bottom line, it worked and not only has this ethos opened doors to thousands of motorsports enthusiasts but it spawned a cult following of not only Motorcycle fanatics but the tuner car fraternity too.

Trevors love of motorsports began decades ago....well just a couple anyway....(Ed:heehee)....and Trevor has remained loyal to the masses creating some of the finest European motorsport events viewed and participated by thousands. After many years of battling the endless red tape, that grew like weeds on a prestine lawn!, Trevor realised that although certain rules and regulations were required many were actually damaging the sports he loved and admired, so he decided to stand up for the masses and make events more approachable, yet safe and professional, using an experienced crew and his knowledge combined with the help of like-minded people, hugely successful events such as TOTB (Ten Of The Best), 200mph and Straightliners was born. Almost a decade later these events have just gone from strength to strength and the welcoming friendly atmosphere has created a regular fan base aswell as entertaining days out for families and motorsports fanatics from all over.

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In 2010 Straightliners created a global website known as "Straightliners Events", a "hub" created due to the multiple events organised by the Straightliners team and the cross-over from one event to the other from the individuals and teams attending. By creating a website with more information and an introduction to all the Straightliners Events it allows new-comers and existing members the opportunity to learn more about Straightliners and provides a gateway linking all events with the possibility for bikers and tuner car enthusiasts to experience and enjoy events they might not usually attend. Not only does the Straightliners hub offer avenues for drivers and riders, it also opens the doors for motorsports fans to attend many events they might not have been aware of. You can join our website for FREE, with an easy event registration system you can register within 2 minutes.

Straightliners Events continues to grow from strength to strength as the weeks fly by and many people still return to our events and we welcome all newcomers to the family, our events are truly about you and your entertainment and we sincerely hope you enjoy not only our website but any events you venture to.

Thank you from Trevor and the Straightliners team.

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