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Welcome to Straightliners Events. We offer an open door policy at our motorsport events, from Drag-racing to Drifting, Handling circuits to World Records. To find out more just click any of the links above or look through our event listings. You will find everything you need to know from prices, capacity, rules & regulations and locations. From amature to pro we have classes for all, car or bike to motorised shopping trollies and toilets....yes we said toilets!

Straightliners have removed the red tape and provided the ability for motorsport enthusiasts to enjoy top speed and skilled handling events for the past 3 decades, we host some of the premier top speed and tuner car shows in the country and have entrants world-wide attending our events.

2018 Dates



1 - March 18th Santa Pod *       

2 - 14/15 April East Kirkby *                        

3 - 6/7th May York Raceway (Provisional) 

4 - 16/17th June East Kirkby

5 - 30th June/1st July Jurby, IOM   *

6 - 11/12th August East Kirkby    *

7 - September 1/2nd Jurby, IOM                    

8 - 8/9th September East Kirkby and/or  *

9 - 29/30th September York Raceway (Provisional)   *

10-October 21st Santa Pod    *                   

All dates with * are ACU rounds

TOP SPEED         

March 20th Elvington TST

April 17th Elvington TST              

May 12/13th Pendine Sands Records     

May 19/20th Elvington Records    

May 19/20th 1/4 Mile Wheelies

June 19th Elvington TST                    

July 17th Elvington TST               

August 18/19 Wheelies & Top Speed             

September 15/16th Elvington Records      

September 22/23rd Pendine Sands Records

October 16th Elvington TST                                                                                

DRAG & DRIFT                                        

March 24th Dakota

April 21st Dakota  

July 21st Dakota                                  

October 6th Dakota

November 10th Dakota


July 14/15th Kirkbride, Cumbria    

July 28/29th TOTB 17    New Website www.totb.co.uk 

August 5th Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Upcoming Events


[zt_accordion title="What do I need? " active="yes"] Straightliners Championship

Straightliners Membership is for anyone who wants to try and get a record at a Top Speed Weekend event or for anyone running in the Straightliners Championship Series who wants to get points. You also need to get Straightliners Membership if you want to apply for a FULL ACU licence. For all Straightliners events, you need the Sprint section when applying for a licence. Alternatively you can apply for an IOPD Licence, but you won't be able to get any ACU Records at the Top Speed Events, only UKTA Records.

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