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Straightliners launches a new simplified set of motorcycle classes

Due to popular demand from racers Straightliners have launched a new simplified set of motorcycle classes for the seasoned classic sprinter and drag racer. Even if you are over 70 racing on a one day license Straightliners have the answer for you.

After much discussion and throwing together of ideas it was decided a date and capacity formula was the way to go. The capacity classes were carefully thought through for the proposed date cutoffs plus classes for the pure race bred machines based on capacity alone save for the '61 to '76 unlimited racing class and sidecar/ three-wheeler classes. 

The addition of these classes means that Straightliners now offers the full package for riders wanting to go straightline racing with classes from Bracket racing right through to the vintage and classic classes.

And here they are - the new Straightliners classic motorcycle classes for the seasoned and not so seasoned classic sprinter and drag racer:
1. Pre-War vintage up to 1939 up to 500cc
2. Pre-War vintage up to 1939 unlimited
3. Post-War vintage up to 1960 up to 500cc
4. Post-War vintage up to 1960 unlimited
5. Pre-1960 road legal up to 750cc
6. Pre-1960 road legal unlimited
7. Pre-1981 road legal up to 750cc
8. Pre-1981 road legal unlimited
9. Pre-1990 road legal up to 750cc
10. Pre-1990 road legal unlimited
11. 1961 to 1976 unlimited racing
12. Sidecars / three-wheelers up to 500cc
13. Sidecars / three-wheelers unlimited
14. Up to 125cc racing non road legal
15. Up to 250cc racing non road legal
16. Up to 500cc racing non road legal
17. Up to 750cc racing non road legal
18. Up to 1000cc racing non road legal
19. Unlimited racing non road legal

Write up by Paul Cumpstone 

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Record breaking weekend at Straightliners ACU British National records weekend at Runway 26 Elvington Yorkshire.

Along with Ian King's FIM World 2 way 1/4mile record set on Saturday there were over the weekend 22 records established and 6 broken over the Flying Kilometre and Standing Start Mile plus 3 records broken in the unusual vehicle's classes. There were also a host of riders and drivers achieving personal goals.

Kimberly Schijven became the world's first "Wheelie Goddess" on Saturday but on Sunday exceeded expectations with a final run at 153mph. Another lady rider, Beverley Burrows riding Ken Dunns ZX12R, came along top speed running for the first time and cracked the 200mph barrier to join that elusive club and also broke the P.AG.1650 flying kilo record. Another to join the 200mph club was Phil Gilson. His smartly turned out Turbo Busa was just shy of the mark on Saturday but with the removal of the mirrors and a more tucked in riding position Phil managed 202mph on Sunday. Birthday boy, Kevin Nicks, birthday present of a nitrous kit came in handy on the world's fastest shed, Kevin setting a new world record at 95.8mph.

Ian king on his FIM world record breaking Gulf Oil Drag Bike. Photo Phil Evans

Matt Mckeown on the Jet Shopping trolley had been doing some mods and was another to break his previous record of 56.19mph ending on 78.98mph. Tom Atom Anable brought along his latest monowheel creation "Infinity Atomic" fitted with a 390 KTM engine. 2 days of getting used to an engine with gears resulting in a new Top Speed of 64.176mph He now needs to do it officaly both ways to get Kevins Record .Andy Swingarm Slade was a happy bunny on Saturday night his laptop wielding wife had at last manager to download the data from the ECU and Andy made good use of it on Sunday to achieve a new personal best at 222mph. Gavin Watson, another first timer to top speed running on his Snailspeed sprint Lambretta, exceeded expectations by going over the expected 108mph with a flying kilo at 110mph and 109mph at the mile.

Chris Hawkshaw and his crew worked away on Saturday to cure a missfire on the "Old Skool meets new tech" 650cc Triumph twin with turbo and fuel injection. Chris seemed to be stuck at 120ish mph but late on Sunday the 130 barrier was cracked with a 131mph through the mile. Riding in the smallest class, 175cc, Simon Howarth stretched the throttle cable on the little CG Honda cracking the 90mph barrier and breaking the record for the class into the bargain.

And right at the close of Play on Sunday afternoon Gary Rothwell broke the Ghost Riders long standing pop up wheelie record with a 217mph wheelie through the timing lights the old record was 214mph

Another slickly run event by the Straightliners crew under the watchful eye of the FIM and ACU. It's not easy running 2 way events with the various distances and all that implies when it comes to making sure the timing equipment is recording the information correctly. Thankfully there was not a single glitch all weekend showing the expertise of the team.

Thanks go to all the crew and helpers plus our magnificent medical guys and girls who once again did us proud. Finally we wish Zef Eisenberg a speedy recovery.

Written by Paul Cumpstone

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History made at the George Brown memorial Sprint

Organised by NSA and Straightliners at Lancaster raceway East Kirkby after Saturdays rain Sunday dawned bright and sunny. To get the 2 most iconic sprint bikes to a meeting, Nero and Super Nero George Brown's famous Vincent engined sprinters, was down to a great deal of effort from some very dedicated people. The bikes, which are kept at The National Motorcycle Museum, were not only here for all to see and admire but also for the first time ever ridden side by side down the 1/4 mile by Georges son Tony, on Super Nero and Chris Illman on Nero. They were then ridden back down track for the obligatory photo shoot. Incidentally it was the highly experienced Chris,s first time on Nero, the normally aspirated bike, and he recorded for prosperity a 13.27sec run at 101mph Tony a more sedate 17.91sec at 46mph being kind to Super Nero, the supercharged version. 

George Brown and brother Cliff built record breaking Nero and Super Nero based on Vincent bikes. Photo Dunk Rose.

Chris also had a run on another of the bikes ridden by George, namely the Bayley / Cole Douglas 500cc still owned by the Bayley family, which over the years was ridden by a host of famous riders. Thanks go to the Bayley family for allowing the Douglas to appear. 

In this age of sanitised turbo sprint/drag bikes it was nice to see there are people out there who have the skill and knowledge to run the single and twin engined supercharged bikes. We must hope that they write down and pass on these skills to the next generation so these historically important creations may continue to be ridden at these type of events. 

There were 11 supercharged old school sprinters running including the BSA 250CC C15 of Phil Hazelwood, Dave Brown's Weslake 500cc single, John Hobbs on his Olympus 500cc Triumph twin recreation,Colin Fallows Weslake 650cc twin, originally running 2 superchargers,now running just a single, Colin also running Black Cat 650cc Triumph with reversed cylinder head, Dave Clee 875cc Triumph Puma twin, Ray Law Triumph Double, with double Triumph 500cc twins and 2 superchargers, Colin Fallows Super Cyclops, twin 500CC Norton Dominator with single supercharger, Kevin Fields Icarus, two 500cc Triumphs with twin superchargers, Terry Homan with the wonderfully different Dragwaye ,1300cc air cooled VW and supercharger and last but by no means least John Hobbs magnificent Hobbit, 1700cc of double 850cc Weslake engines with twin superchargers. All the above were run down the strip putting down some very decent times and speeds. 

The most spectacular being John on the Hobbit who had not gone easy on the nitro mix. The ground shook, the noise assaulted your eardrums and the nitro mix made your eyes run, all but with that wonderful smell of brutal power being released. 

John didn't disappoint running a 9.91sec at 140mph ,only eclipsed to fastest time of the day by one of the aforementioned sanitised turbo bikes, by 0.5sec.
Sadly on John's 2nd run the Hobbit emitted a puff of smoke at the 1/8th and the engine died the rear engine output shaft having broken. Thankfully John knows a "man that can" in the guise of Graham Sykes, of Syko 3 wheeler fame, who's vast engineering skills will be utilized. 

Another twin engined bike, Pete Williams Two Faced was on static display along with a host of other sprint bikes. 

Written by Paul Cumpstone

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Pokerstars / Straightliners Dragfest @ Jurby, Isle of man

Pokerstars / Straightliners Dragfest at Jurby sees local riders putting in strong performances in front of a huge crowd. After Saturdays washout Sunday couldn't have been better with close qualifying the order of the day and some nail biting finals. 

Wheelie Class
Jason King, Suzuki 1000 Turbo, took the honours with a 10.77sec at 150mph.

14.10 Class
Class points leader, Russell Shea, made it through to the final against the rapid Bantam 175 of Tom Miller, just 0.59sec splitting their best times. Unfortunately Tom was a no show in the final so Russell took the Shedtune Lambretta to the win. 

Some of the action at Pokerstars / Straightliners Jurby Dragfest (photo Andrew Duckworth)

12.10 Class
It was nice to see Mark Patman back out on a bike after his big off earlier in the year, all but riding his road going Z1000 Kawasaki. In the final he was up against Mathew Draper on the Stomp 90cc Hybrid. Mark sportingly gave Matthews small machine a bit of a start and it was pretty close at the line Mark just taking the win. 

11.10 Class
On only his 2nd ever drag race meeting Joseph Newton top qualified on his ex F1 sidecar engined ZZR1100 Kawasaki. He was up against the experienced Phil Gilson in the final. For some reason Phil saw the red mist and the red light dropping the clutch a fraction early giving the win deservedly to a delighted Joseph. 

10.10 Class
It was the usual suspects topping the class, Michael Austin and Dee King with the addition of Alan Tinnion in the mix, just 4/100ths splitting them. In the semis Dee broke out trying to beat the fast starting Alan and Michael beat Darren Trowell.  In the final it was Michael, ZZR1400, against highly experienced, 14 times British sprint champion, Alan, R6 Yamaha. As usual Alan nailed it away at the green with Michael trying hard to beat him to the stripe only to cross it first but breaking out in the process running a 10.00sec dead giving the win to Alan who ran his fastest time a 10.16sec.

Owen Cooke chose the Genspeed Suzuki over the Harley in the final to win this class. 

9.10 Class
Once again a hard fought class Wayne Bradley 3/100ths ahead of improving local Alan Morrison. Next up was the only lady rider Maxine Taylor and tying in 4th with exactly the same speed and time, 9.36sec at 145mph, were Jimmy Fearn and Paul Furlong. Through the 1/4 finals and semi finals emerged Jimmy and Maxine, both previous class winners, so it was stoked up to be a cracking final. Unfortunately Maxine was a little too determined to win releasing the clutch a tad early the subsequent red light handing Jimmy the win. 

Top Bike
Local rider, Gary Leach, was on fire posting a string of runs in the 8s to line up in the final against Phil Wood, who had spent the day searching for the elusive good run. Come the final and Phil had resigned himself to the runner up spot Gary having been so strong and consistent all day. Sadly what should have been the final of the day turned into a damp squid as the old red light shone for Gary. Both riders agreed it was not the way they wanted to win or lose the final. Gary didn't even get the consolation of the FTD award as Paul Furlongs 8.87sec was just quicker than Garys 8.92sec best. 

Once again the juniors put on a great show with Liam O'Leary top on 13.03sec Thomas Burnett 13.77sec and Levi Baber on 15.18sec a new personal best. Once again to even things out the delay was used on the clock, the idea being that the riders should cross the line together. The final came down to Levi and Liam with Liam on a 4.1sec delay.  Levi put down another blistering run to cross the line first helped by a missed gear change from Liam on the way down. 

All in all a cracking days racing thanks going to the MDRA, Straightliners all helpers and the Hogg Rescue medical crew. 

Written by Paul Cumpstone 

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Straightliners Ramsey Sprint on the Isle of Man 2016

An eclectic mix of old and new bikes put on a great show for the large crowd at Straightliners Ramsey Sprint on the Isle of Man 2016.   These included a Ramsey Sprint first. Israel Gillette, on his first ever trip to the I.O.M, took his dog Daisy for a run down the famous strip in the left pannier. Israel was over from Tennesse. 

Pre-war vintage `39 
As always John Young was in top form on his Tri/ JAP 500CC his unusual starting technique and super quick gear changes saw him put down a highly impressive 8.26sec run at 83mph. 

Vintage up to`60
Another impressive performance from local lad Lester Rowbottom ran 8.58sec at 77mph on the supercharged 500 Triumph twin. 

Heading down the strip at the Straightliners Ramsey Sprint (photo Ray Collister)

`61 to`76 unlimited racing
Neil Conway ran 8.05sec at 96mph on his unusual Piper Kawasaki, a machine that Neil has took to 141mph at Elvington. 

Sidecar and 3 wheelers 
Trevor Duckworth was another in the 8s on his 3 wheeler with 350cc Yamaha power running 8.68sec ar 82mph. 

Pre `81 road legal 500cc
Another Yamaha 350, a `74 RD, of Barry Grice took the honours with a 10.19sec at 73mph. 

Pre `81 unlimited road legal
Nice to see Mark Patman having a competitive run, his first since his off at East Kirkby. Mark ran his Z1000 Kawasaki to a 8.41sec at 82mph to take the class trophy. 

Up to 750cc
As ever Alan Tinnion did a storming job on the R6 Yamaha posting a 6.70sec at 110mph.

Unlimited cc
First timers at the sprint course, Dee King and Mike Austin, ended up 2nd and 3rd in class with respectable 6.56sec and 6.72sec but it was the stalwart from Scotland, Jimmy Fearn, who took the class win with a 6.10sec at 123mph. 

Up to 750 cc competition
Paul Hodgson, jet lagged from his record breaking trip to Bonneville, had little time to prep his sprint bike and with a 8.21sec was 2nd to Alan Tinnion who took class honours with 7.45sec at 98mph .

`81 to`95 to 900cc
Alistair Wilson got his GPZ900 Kawasaki down to a 8.51sec at 94mph to win. 

`81 to`95 unlimited
Andy Seals on his nicely turned out GSX1100EFE rode to a best 6.92sec at 104mph for a class win.

Local lad, Liam O`leary got the better of Levi Baber, probably due to Liams extra 173ccs . Liam on 8.34secs to Levi,s 10.20sec both lads riding with maturity beyond their years. 

Unlimited competition. 
First run for Paul Furlong, the course record holder, was a 6sec dead so a run in the 5s was never in doubt Paul eventually posting FTD with 5.93sec at 123mph to win the class.  Alan Morrison took 2nd with a 5.98sec run at 122mph to equal his personal best, Alan having the consolation of the Fastest Manx man trophy, he lives at the end of the course, and Phil Wood 3rd not able to crack the 5sec barrier but 6.01sec ain't bad. 

A great event as always from the experienced Straightliners crew. Thanks to everyone including the medical team. 

Written by Paul Cumpstone 

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